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Bridewell Hall, 6.30 – 8.45pm every Monday from September to June except during Christmas and Easter breaks or as advertised here from time to time.

You can view upcoming rehearsals and events in the Choir's Google Calendar

Concert/Event Details

See the Google calendar as above for dates ... further details will be sent via choir emails and announcements at rehearsals.

Concert Dress

Men: Dinner jackets for men with black tie. No wing collars, and black cummerbunds (if worn).

Women: ALL BLACK. You can wear a dress, skirt or trousers but please ensure that arms are (mostly) covered and that you are wearing opaque black tights (or long skirt/trousers). Also black shoes/boots. Your top does not need to have a collar as long as it is smart – the overriding consideration is that you should be consistently smart with men in black tie.

All singers also need a black CLC folder. If you do not have one, please contact a member of the committee in rehearsal or send an email to


Music for all concerts is provided for hire or sale at rehearsals on a first come first served basis. Please note that all music must be paid for when collected.

Hire copies must always be treated with great care. Please do not make any permanent markings in them (i.e. pencil only). Please also ensure that you return them promptly after a concert and be aware that you will be charged for any costs arising for damage or late return.


Tickets can be ordered by members at rehearsals or by emailing